Mayer, Saints Play It for Laughs

DALLAS Peter A. Mayer Advertising continues to use humor to sell New Orleans Saints tickets.

The New Orleans shop has created three, 30-second TV spots for the National Football League team. The campaign is worth “over a million,” the client said.

The first opens with a man at a vending machine. As his bag of potato chips gets stuck, he begins to shake and kick the machine to no avail. As he stares at the machine in frustration, Saints defensive end Darren Howard charges the machine, knocking it over. As the glass shatters and the machine door swings open, a voiceover says, “Darren Howard with a hit.”

The spot ends with Howard and the man sitting atop the fallen machine, sharing the bag of chips. Howard then says, “Where’s the soda machine?”

“School Bus” opens with a mother and her son running out of the house to catch the morning school bus. As the vehicle speeds away, Saints wide receiver Jerome Pathon comes running down the sidewalk. As he picks up the boy and charges after the bus, he jumps over a dog and knocks over a water-deliveryman in the process. As he approaches the bus doors, a voiceover says, “Jerome Pathon on the carry.”

The spot concludes with Pathon riding on the bus with the boy, drinking from a juice box.

Another spot features the Saints cheerleaders, the Saintsations, cheering a young mail clerk as he does his job.

All three spots finish with the tag, “Don’t you wish every day was a game day?” and the Saints gold fleur de lis logo.

The spots broke last week in local and regional markets. Radio, print, outdoor and interactive are also included in the media mix.