Martino & Binzer Intros Ads for Gatx, TranSwitch

Stepping up its efforts in the business-to-business sector, Martino & Binzer is introducing separate national print campaigns for TranSwitch and Gatx Capital.

The Avon, Conn., shop is gearing up for the August debut of a print effort for TranSwitch, a Shelton, Conn., semiconductor manufacturer which M&B recently added to its roster. The agency this month unveiled ads introducing Gatx’s Farmington, Conn.-based venture capital unit.

For each client, M&B eschews overly technical language and imbues ads with “artistic” themes and images culled from the worlds of contemporary art and music.

Using the headline “Contemporary Art,” an ad for TranSwitch shows an engineer looking at buttons on a circuit board with the passion and intensity of an art lover exploring a new gallery.

“They wanted to promote different aspects of their products by comparing them to art,” said Gavin Binzer, creative director at the agency, adding that the client also didn’t want to use a lot of copy for that reason. “The visual interpretation is the most important thing.”

More product details will appear in upcoming product-specific efforts for TranSwitch’s connectivity engines. The campaign uses the “Engines for global connectivity” tagline created for previous ads done in-house.

M&B is targeting electrical engineers and other technical professionals and industrial decision makers. The TranSwitchads will run in IEEE Communications Magazine, EE Times and CommVerge. Media placement is being handled in-house.

One Gatx ad shows jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown likening his tone, phrasing and dexterity to Gatx’s services. Others describe the uniqueness of artist Maxfield Parrish and the concert grand piano.

All are tagged, “Ex-perience. Knowledge. Capital.” The ads will appear in publications such as Venture Edge, Washington Business Forward, Biopeople, Red Herring, Venture Capital & IT, and Venture Capital & Health Care.

Ads are designed to convey a high level of sophistication with which the client finances healthcare and technology startups, Binzer said. Spending levels for TranSwitch and Gatx were not disclosed.