Martin Says New Client Could Scare Bad Shops

The Martin Agency has won a $10-12 million account for a new client that could make some ad agencies very nervous, accord-ing to Martin’s CEO. The client, Admine, is an online marketplace that licenses ad campaigns so clients can shop for work.
“Mediocre agencies should be scared,” said John Adams, Martin’s CEO. “But the idea that a marketplace for advertising work would spring up was inevitable. … Many times there is a great idea that might not be right for one client, but is right for some client somewhere.”
With a soft launch today at, the site showcases work that either never made it past concept boards or was a hit and can be recycled.
“If a clever commercial worked for, say, a bank in Albuquerque, there’s no reason it couldn’t perform similarly [elsewhere],” said Wayne Miller, Admine’s president.
Creatives can submit final or spec print, radio and TV campaigns. Admine’s Creative Review Board accepts those that meet its standards, and these campaigns are then marketed on Clients shop the site for work suiting their needs, which they can customize and license for exclusive use in their markets.
Payment depends on who owns each campaign. “The agencies will always get cut in,” Admine CEO Bill Replogle said. “If the client still owns the work, [revenue is] split between client and agency.”
Admine, based in Herndon, Va., this week breaks its first ad campaign. It was created by Work in Richmond, Va., before the account was moved to Martin. There was no review. K