Martin Presents New Look UPS

ATLANTA UPS today unveiled a new logo. Paul Rand’s 1960 design of a string-wrapped parcel sitting above the carrier’s shield is gone, replaced by a larger, sleeker emblem designed by FutureBrand in New York.

The estimated $20 million rebranding includes a television and print campaign created by The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.

A 30-second TV spot from the Interpublic Group shop breaking today incorporates the new logo and phrase, “Synchronizing the world of commerce.”

In the initial commercial, a brown box travels the globe. Three subsequent spots will return the client’s focus back to the campaign’s existing marketing theme, “What can brown do for you?”

The redesign is the Atlanta company’s first in 43 years and will involve changes on thousands of vehicles, more than 250 aircraft, 1,700 facilities, 70,000 drop-off and retail boxes, and more than 1 million uniforms. The entire changeover should be completed by 2009.

As of today, each of the company’s 1,700 facilities has at least one vehicle featuring the new design, according to John Beystehner, svp of worldwide sales and marketing at UPS.

One of the best-known vehicles to bear the new logo is Dale Jarrett’s Ford Taurus. The UPS-sponsored Nascar racer will compete this Sunday at the Texas Motor Speedway.