Marquardt Gets Down to Business in Tech, Drugs

Marquardt & Roche and Partners continues its run in the business-to-business market with the addition of a tech account and upcoming product launches for a new pharmaceutical client.

The Stamford, Conn., agency recently picked up work for Goodway Technologies, a crosstown manufacturer of industrial cleaningand maintenance equipment. Marquardt’s print ads will break this summer in trade publications. Spending was not disclosed.

“Our heritage is in business-to-business marketing; Goodway is an obvious fit for that experience,” said agency president Howard Meditz.

For Hogil Pharmaceutical Corp., the agency will create advertising promoting several over-the-counter medications to both professional and consumer audiences. The first print ad touts Teldrin, an allergy treatment specifically designed for patients with high blood pressure. The ad, which will appear in the trade press, features a shot of the medication’s packaging, along with a blood pressure-monitoring device.

At the top of the print ad, large text blares, “50,000,000.” Underneath that heading, smaller text states, “The number of people in America with hypertension.” Below that, “1” is shown as “The number of allergy medications marketed to them.”

The ad is running in publications such as Chain Drug Review, Grocery Headquarters and Mass Market Retailer. Additional executions touting Teldrin are planned to be launched this summer, Meditz said.

Radio spots targeting consumers will begin airing in the next month. Marquardt also has in-troduced a national direct-marketing campaign for the client.

Campaign spending is $1 million.

Creative credits in-clude art director Gerry O’Hara and copywriter Lisa Meditz.

Marquardt also will create advertising campaigns for Hogil’s Sinoff, a cold and sinus relief medication; Orafix, a denture adhesive; and A-200, a lice control product.

Other clients of the 30-person agency, which claimed billings of$30 million in 2001, include Braun, Fleet Capital Corp., Fuji Photo Film Co., Duracell and Hologic.