Marketing Network Signs On Hotjobs

HotJobs, an online recruiting site with about 8,100 employer subscribers, has signed up with Commission Junction, an affiliate marketing network operating on a pay-per-performance model.

“In its first week with us, more than 1,000 content sites signed up to run ads from HotJobs,” said Lex Sisney, CEO of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Commission Junction.

The company provides a way for advertisers such as Santa Barbara, Calif.-based HotJobs and content sites such as eBay and Excite to hook up. When a content site joins the CJ network, its executives gain access to a list of potential advertisers belonging to the network. The content site can then put up banner ads or other forms of advertising on its site and be reimbursed by the advertiser in a variety of ways ? generally, per clickthrough, per conversion or per lead.