Marketing Home Cures

Lehman Millet’s newest client is nothing to sneeze at. But if sneeze you must, there’s sure to be a remedy within the pages of Priorities.
A home health product marketer in Wellesley, Mass., Priorities sells environmental control wares such as mattress covers and air filters that help ease the sniffling, sneezing and wheezing of the 70 million Americans with asthma and allergies.
Founder and president Deborah Parrish contacted Boston’s Lehman Millet 18 months ago, when her fledgling company had just begun to consider marketing.
After acquiring additional financing, Parrish named Lehman Millet her first agency of record. The shop will create direct and interactive marketing as well as a public relations plan, to be launched in the first half of 1998.
“[Lehman Millet] has a really good knowledge of dealing with chronic illnesses and has a history of marketing them with a positive spin,” said chairman and CEO Gerry Millet. “That’s what Deb liked about our company.”
Priorities anticipates sales of more than $6 million in 1998.
–Sarah Jones