Marketer Lucci Launches Consulting Practice

Helping companies in-crease their in-house promotional capabilities is the mission of Patrick Lucci, who has launched his own consulting practice after two decades in the marketing business.

With his Beverly, Mass.-based one-man operation, Patrick Lucci Associates, Lucci aims to go beyond consulting to help companies’ marketing departments get off the ground. He hopes to accomplish this by joining the departments on a temporary basis until they grow to the point where a full-time head of marketing is needed.

“I come in as a very low-paid, very high-experience senior man-ager,” Lucci said. Charging a maximum of $7,000 per month, Lucci believes he is a good match for small companies that don’t carry the big budgets required for large agency contracts. And by taking on no more than four clients at once, Lucci candevote an average of one to one-and-a-half days per week to each client.

Lucci started putting together his consultancy in December and so far has picked up one client: RTI SecureX, a Dayton, Ohio, maker of digital surveillance equipment. Lucci spends about four days on site at the company per month.

Lucci has experience on both sides of the marketing divide. On the client side, he has served in marketing positions at emerging high-tech companies such as DyanPel Systems, Number Nine Visual Technologies, Integrated Circuit Systems and Hercules Computer Technologies. On the agency side, Lucci has held posts at Gray Strayton International and Lucci & Stringer Advertising in Boston.

Lucci also has a part-time career in broadcasting. He is the host of Tech Beat, a weekly technology program on Boston’s News Talk 680 AM WRKO.