Makos’ Monster Foils PC Password Thieves

DALLAS Makos Advertising, Marketing and Design is breaking a television campaign in four markets for its new client StopZilla that will be followed by a national rollout in 2005, the agency said.

Two spots, one breaking Monday and the other in December, represent the first use of TV to advertise StopZilla’s security software, the agency said. (StopZilla is a privately held company in Boynton Beach, Fla., whose name was once used in a clue on the TV quiz show Jeopardy.)

“The company’s success dictated a television campaign with an eye toward a national focus,” said Mark Turner, president and CEO of Austin, Texas-based Makos.

The comical ads feature two shady characters in a van snooping on a woman as she types a password on her personal computer. Just as the spies are about to obtain access, a guy in an overstuffed green dragon costume—apparently StopZilla, himself—drags them out of the van and gives them a thrashing.

“The company already had considerable equity in the StopZilla mascot, so it made sense to bring that to life in the spots,” Turner said. “We liked the imagery and what it stood for and chose to translate that into the TV concepts.”

The spot will break Monday on cable and cinema screens in San Diego, Nashville, Tenn., and Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C. A second spot breaks next month, and a full national launch is planned for 2005, the agency said.

Key players on the account are art directors Tony Lopez and Kirk Payne, copywriter Chad Swisher and broadcast producer Michelle Canning, the agency said. Andrew Christou directed the spot, with production provided by Moxie Pictures.