’s Ad Message: You’ve Got a Shot

Red Ball Tiger Campaign Focuses on Fairness of One Play a Day
SAN FRANCISCO–The chances of winning the lottery aren’t so good, but a new ad campaign for one Internet startup is designed to make viewers believe they at least have a winning chance.
Red Ball Tiger has created two TV spots for gaming Web site One, titled “American Dreams,” shows pictures of people from various walks of life, all of whom are presumably logging on daily for a LuckySurf game. The shots include a waitress and a man typing on a laptop in the backseat of a luxury car. The tagline is, “For a million. Fair and square.”
The second spot, “Customs,” humorously plays on the dot-com’s promise of a major payoff by showing a representative from Lloyd’s of London trying to take a million dollars in cash through an airport.
“There [are] a lot of game sites proliferating right now, but what we said in the beginning was we have to be different,” said Bob Ravasio, a creative director and partner at the San Francisco agency. “What we’ve said is one play a day is great if you’re a consumer because literally everyone has the same chance of winning.”
Visitors to can register to play one free online game a day. Contestants log on by clicking an ad banner or answering a daily trivia question. The site’s most popular feature is a lottery-type game that offers a shot at a $1 million jackpot.
Company president Fran Garcia said the ads are designed for occasional players.
“It is absolutely targeted beyond the gamers,” Garcia said. “The virtue of one play a day is that it opens it up to lots of people.” K