Lounge Lizard Wins Web Duties For Nikon

Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a boutique interactive agency based in Islip, Long Island, has been awarded an online advertising assignment from Nikon. Lounge Lizard will create a microsite for Nikon’s Cool Pix brand of digital cameras, which is expected to launch in mid-October. The assignment is worth $40,000.

The i-shop recently completed a 30-second Flash-animated commercial for Nikon’s 8X25 Binoculars as a promotion for Nascar. Both the Cool Pix Microsite and 8X25 Binoculars spot will launch from Nikon’s site, located at www.nikonusa.com.

Separately, Lounge Lizard was also awarded interactive duties for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. According to Ken Braun, founder and CEO of Lounge Lizard, the i-shop will build an Intranet for government employees to manage the dept.’s online community portal. The site, which will cost $16,000 to complete, is set to launch next month.