Louisiana Gets Vocal About Litter

DALLAS Zehnder Communications has launched a new anti-litter campaign for Keep Louisiana Beautiful that gives a voice to underutilized garbage cans, the agency said.

Created by the New Orleans-based shop, the “Get Vocal. Stop Buggin'” effort broke on Monday with three main objectives: to create awareness of the ramifications of littering, generate pride in Louisiana communities and educate interested residents about anti-litter programs in which they can participate.

“We took a field trip to check out our litter situation in the state,” said Henry Chassaignac, associative creative director at Zehnder. “We found that there are plenty of garbage cans around, but people are choosing not to use them.”

The TV campaign employs testimonials from actual Louisiana garbage cans to address the seriousness of the state’s litter problems. One spot occurs at a busy office park. As professionals walk by a lone garbage can, he says, “Morning. I’m here when you need me.” Another can says, “I’ll take anything—a muffin, a cup.”

Another spot shows two litter offenders picking up trash along the side of a highway. A nearby can says, “Oh, a $250 fine was easy, but eight hours from now, we’ll see who’s laughing.”

The “Get Vocal. Stop Buggin'” media mix will also include radio, outdoor and Internet executions, as well as public relations initiatives. The campaign will run throughout Louisiana until the end of the year, the agency said. Media spending is estimated at $700,000.