These Top New Supermarket Products Show How Much We Love Carbs Shelf Score platform measures consumer purchase intent

Eating low carb, minimally processed foods may be the diet fad du jour, but clean eating doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of Eggo’s new blueberry cobbler waffle variety, according to a ranking of the top new grocery products in August, released today. 

The waffles are in good carb company. The top three items in uSamp’s Shelf Score index—which purports to quickly and accurately rate purchase intent for a wide array of CPG brands and products recently released to supermarket shelves in limited runs—are decidedly not on the Paleo diet plan. 

“As the seasons begin changing, we’re noticing a high receptivity toward more homestyle, comfort food offerings like blueberry cobbler Eggo waffles,” said uSamp CEO Alan Gould. “Interestingly, in addition to being comfort foods, two of the top three products this month also require some degree of preparation by the consumer.”

DiGiorno may have made a huge social media mistake when it embarrassingly inserted itself into a powerful social conversation about domestic violence earlier this month, but will that negativity override people’s desire to design their own pizzas? The brand’s new Design a Pizza product came in at No. 3 in the Shelf Score, following behind the Eggo waffles and a new artisanal bread mix from Pillsbury, which tied for No. 1.

Trendy ingredients like bacon, Omega-3 fatty acids and olive oil make appearances in the rundown of popular new products, but Gould cautions against jumping blindly on the bandwagon. “With items like Bacon and Waffle Lunchables and Olive Oil Veggie Popchips, producers are becoming more creative in trying to capitalize on two opposite food trends: the bacon craze and healthy vegetable-based snacks,” he said. “Consumers, on the other hand, remain discerning about how these trending flavors should manifest in their everyday lives, and that is reflected in the purchase intent scores.”

These purchase intent scores are measured through a platform that gathers in-context insights from consumers about new products as soon as they hit the shelves. The index also considers innovation and "category disruption from small or unknown brands."

Reps from uSamp and have said that their concept testing is faster than other methods, and at about a third of the cost.

The Shelf Score comes out monthly across different categories.