LOOK INTO MY ADS An ad that depicts golfers being hypnotized into preferring the new Srixon golf ball appears to do its job a bit too well.

The spot (shown here), created by The Westlake Group in Greenville, S.C., was shot by Pavlov Productions in Culver City, Calif. The latter is named after the famous behavioral psychologist, who-as far as is known-never played golf.
The commercial, which shows the golfers being put into a trance to want Srixon balls, drew the ire of ABC’s office of broadcast standards and practices.
The censors said that the use of hypnotism was “unacceptable,” but they would waive the objection if they received an affidavit from a licensed xhypnotherapist guaranteeing viewers’ behavior would not be modified.
Enter Dr. Ann Elkin, who said the ad was a good spoof of Night of the Living Dead, but was not a threat to the viewing populace.
The spot is running on ABC, NBC and The Golf Channel. Just don’t stare at it too hard.