Begins E-Life-and National Search

Online Furniture Vendor Contacts Select “Top 100′ Shops in U.S.
DALLAS-An Austin, Texas-based e-commerce startup has contacted agencies nationwide, including Texas, about a $5 million print campaign to help it sell home furniture and accessories over the Internet., which is being funded by key venture capital players that also seeded sites like Internet auction firm eBay, issued a request for proposals to select “top 100” national agencies. It is seeking a partner to help it gain brand recognition through a campaign in the latter part of the year. Its Internet hub is slated to go online July 1.
Keith Rollman, marketing manager for, said responses were due back last Friday. A timetable for a decision is undetermined.
Sources at Texas shops said last week they had received the questionnaire. Agencies were asked to submit a brief synopsis of billings, clients, services and e-commerce experience.
Rollman said the selected agency will be asked to produce a national campaign, primarily using magazines, to position is headed by Andrew Busey, formerly chairman of chat software supplier Acuity in Austin and an early project coordinator that helped develop the Mosaic World Wide Web browser (the precursor to Netscape).
While the corporate offices are in Austin, the company’s warehousing operations are in High Point, N.C.
Supporting the company are investors Austin Ventures and Benchmark Capital, which have fronted $6.5 million thus far, according to Rollman. will sell brand name items, according to Rollman.
Rollman declined to discuss the site’s strategy for selling furniture over the Web, or any plans to eventually take the company public.
In a Wall Street Journal article, Busey stated that the company, if successful, could possibly command a stock-market valuation of as much as $2 billion.
Online advertising plans are being handled by the marketing staff at It was undetermined whether Web ad assignments would be handled by the hired agency. ƒ