Everybody wants to be linked to a winner, and it’s been Miller Lite’s good fortune to have forged a relationship with one of pro basketball’s greatest teams, the Chicago Bulls.

As official sponsor of the Bulls, last year’s NBA champions and a favorite to repeat, Miller Brewing is ready for the playoffs with a special television spot featuring the team and, of course, Miller Lite. The commercial, from Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis, shows a Bulls fan and Lite drinker who gets a bit crazy when his TV goes on the blink in the midst of a big game. Distraught–perhaps a bit tipsy?–he bangs his head against the wall and breaks through into an adjoining apartment, where he’s happy to see the Bulls game on a working television.

Alas, his happiness is incomplete. The hole in the wall will not allow him to get the Lite in his hand to his mouth.

The spot is expected to break soon in the Chicago market only, during a playoff game.

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