Levi’s Breaks ‘Lost’ Campaign

Levi’s on Thursday will break the third installment of its multimedia “Lost” campaign with an online film and print campaign entitled “LostChange.”

A LostChange Internet film, which premieres at LostChange.com, features hip-hop artists and TV celebrities and is integrated with multi-branded interactive games, prizes and online shopping. Photographer Albert Watson shot and directed the print campaign and online film.

The plot of the film involves three Silvertab-clad friends traveling from Las Vegas to Bangkok with $100,000 in cash and secretive operatives in hot pursuit. It is being released in one- to three-minute weekly episodes. The film includes placement of Motorola two-way pagers, radios and V.100 cell phones and Sony miniDV cameras, MP3 players and recorders. Viewers may participate in the adventure, train as operatives, work to find clues and track the fugitive friends’ whereabouts.

The “Lost” series bowed in fall 2000, with “Lost But Not Lost,” a high-tech travel adventure series. This was followed with “Lost Arcade,” which featured interactive games, in spring 2001.