Let’s Talk About Brand Podcast: Leveraging PR for Brands

Learn the different ways to get your brand messaging out there

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You can build the best brand in the world, but if nobody hears about it and nobody cares, you don’t have a brand. 

Today, we’re talking about leveraging PR to get your brand out into the market. What does it mean? How can you do it? And we’re going to talk about this across the gamut, whether we’re talking b-to-b brands, b-to-c brands or even personal brands. 

We’re discussing different ways to get your brand messaging out there from traditional PR, how PR and marketing work together and how brands can leverage events as PR opportunities.

I am talking with Gabie Kur, the senior vp of Code Word, a marketing agency that helps tech companies in both the b-to-b and b-to-c sectors get their name out there and build that brand recognition. Whether you’re working with a b-to-b brand, a b-to-c brand or building your personal brand, this episode will show you how to leverage PR in your marketing efforts.