Avi Dan on new business

Great article in today’s Adweek regarding new business [April 25]. I had just come out of an executive committee meeting where I stated, “for the record” the best way to get new business (aside from the stupid dance we have to do sometimes) is to keep business and grow business and merchandise the hell out of that. The promise of a growing relationship and sales is a compelling proposition.

Mike Gray

evp, chief marketing officer

Martin Williams, Inc.


Buick’s lacking LaCrosse ads

You are 110 percent correct about the idiotic LaCrosse ads [Adweek, April 25]. GM deserves to lose every penny of red ink it reports—hey, that is not by accident! Pray, how can GM drop over $3.5 billion on ads and do it so poorly, with such a lack of unified imagery and clear positioning? Only Cadillac seems to know itself. The rest? Try completing this sentence: “Saturn is…(I have no idea what it is),” “Buick says…(not very much).”

Keep it up. You write well.

Geoffrey Batrouney


Estee Marketing Group, Inc.

New Rochelle, N.Y.

Tim Arnold on DMB&B’s demise

Thanks for telling it the way it was and is [Adweek, April 25]. The demise of DMB&B is a story of pure greed, pure and simple, at the hands of a few individuals. In my case, I’m sure glad to have gotten out of a fundamentally deteriorating advertising industry when I did.

Andy Bielanski

managing director, marketing


Calabasas, Calif.

Thanks for having the guts to write that. The most meaningful section was the “on one hand, on the other hand” summary near the end. This is the choice we’re all faced with, if we believe in what we do. Well done.

Sean Hardwick

svp, brand development director

Sedgwick Rd.


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