A Spree-for-All
And the Birth of Golf
Iam appalled that Adweek has seen fit to name And 1’s “American Dream” commercial as one of May’s Best Spots [June 14]. Are you people serious? Let’s face it. Latrell Sprewell is nothing more than a common thug. If you or I had attempted to throttle our boss within an inch of his life, we would have landed in jail. Sprewell lands an endorsement deal with a sneaker company. To glorify this sociopath by exalting him as a representative of “the American dream” further erodes our nation’s already rapidly declining moral standards.
The so-called creative team behind this fiasco seems to think that making a commercial controversial automatically makes it compelling. The problem is, they are so intent on being “edgy” that they have neglected to come up with an actual idea. This toxic blend of intellectual sloth and moral turpitude gives our entire industry a bad name. I can only pray that And 1’s products are better than its commercials.
Trevor Armstrong
Freelance art director, Dallas
I’d like to call your attention to the Best Spots item for Slazenger golf balls [May 17]. You say, “This spot showcases the most stunning scenery in the world–the Irish coast, where golfers battle par and the elements It’s all worthy of the final VO: ‘This is where the game was born. As long as you’re on the edge of golf history, you might as well take your best shot.'”
Although I haven’t seen the spot, I’m the daughter of the world’s most vociferous golf devotee, and as any aficionado will tell you, Scotland is the home of golf. The world’s oldest course is the Royal & Ancient in St. Andrews. The game was born, invented and perfected in Scotland, not Ireland, although they certainly play it passionately in Ireland as well.
Don’t know whether the mistake is yours or J. Walter Thompson/Atlanta’s, but golf lovers demand a clarification!
M.L. Ball
Senior copywriter, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Editor’s note: Although filmed in Ireland, the ad never says where the game is born. You are correct, of course, and Best Spots’ Slazenger write-up was misleading. The Irish and Scots may share a love of golf, but the game was invented in Scotland.