Can’t find an agency’s Web site? There’s a new online service that is developing city-specific directories of ad shop venues.
The service was conceived by Joel Cohen of The Cohen Marketing Group in Houston. Cohen noticed he couldn’t find many ad agencies through regular search engines.
“You pull up ad agencies in any city, maybe five percent of them come up,” said Cohen. With that in mind, he created www.houstonadagencies.com as a prototype site.
The project has since expanded to cover 12 other cities: Atlanta; Dallas; Denver; Phoenix; Seattle; Minneapolis; Pittsburgh; Nashville, Tenn.; Portland, Ore.; Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C.; and Tampa, Fla.
Cohen monitors the sites “so that they have good search engine positioning and ranking.” All sites will be listed with Yahoo! by January.
“Most advertising agencies put up a site because they’re recommending that their clients have a site, so they better have one too. [But] if you’re not listed within the top 10, you’re never going to be seen,” Cohen observed. “Agencies have a great opportunity to let their sites work for them as a new business tool, rather than letting them just float around in cyberspace.”
–J. Dee Hil