A small circle in the center of a black screen shows a shadowy interplay of amorphous shapes.
“My name is Mildred. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” begins the TV spot’s voiceover.
As the circle widens, the ominous tone lifts. Mildred, filmed in black and white, is actually scuba diving. Eleven-year-old Kandi is playing on a merry-go-round.
Art, in his 60s, is riding a motorcycle (see accompanying image).
All three spots, which include actual cancer survivors, were shot by The Richards Group, Dallas, on behalf of the
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The ads began airing locally during last month’s Super Bowl.
“We intended to start the spot off dark and ambiguous, conveying the very grim prospect of having cancer,” said Richards co-creative director and art director Jeff Hopfer. “Then the light broadens and it reveals someone going about some daily activity or hobby. It’s a visual
representation of going from the diagnosis to treatment and recovery.”
The campaign is the second created by Richards for the medical facility. –J. Dee Hill