Leslie Unites Mayfield Dairy Lines

ATLANTA Mayfield Dairies has introduced a new tagline in ads breaking this week. Conceived by The Leslie Agency, the “Best you’ve ever tasted. It’s Mayfield” positions the dairy’s four product offerings under one umbrella statement, according to the shop.

A series of 15- and 30-second television spots from the Greenville, S.C., agency continues to feature spokesman Scottie Mayfield. This time, however, the dairyman shares the spotlight with Maggie, one of the company’s Jersey cows.

“The purpose is to challenge other dairy brand consumers to try Mayfield and see if it is really better tasting,” said agency creative director John McDermott. “Everything in the ads is real.”

The spots were shot at the company’s Athens, Tenn., pastures. Mayfield walks to a fence with the playful brown cow whose image is part of the dairy’s logo. Speaking to the camera, he highlights the history of the family-owned company and its products, ending with, “When something has your name on it, it better be good…” When Maggie interrupts with a moo, Mayfield adds, “…Your name or your picture.”

Television and radio spots will air through December in markets in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina on Turner South programming.

McDermott said the position shift stemmed from the limitations previous campaigns made on the brand. Previously, ice cream products were tagged, “The ice cream with more good stuff.” Milk and cottage cheese were positioned for taste. “Mayfield needed one overriding message tailored for product specificity,” he said.

By shifting from product benefits in separate categories to consumer benefits for all product categories, the agency hopes the brand will become more appealing to a wider range of consumers.