LeoShe’s Star Turn

Since when do admen know everything about women?

In Bounce, Ben Affleck is a hard-drinking, Adweek-reading, airline account-handling, Clio-winning (for a campaign that happens to be utter dreck) pretty boy—hardboiled, but ultimately a doting sap in tune with the other sex. Now, What Women Want takes it a step further: Mel Gibson can literally read women’s minds. Perhaps wise not to guess what it is that women actually want, Paramount Pictures turned for advice to LeoShe, Leo Burnett’s women’s marketing division.

“That’s what we’ve des cribed our role as,” says LeoShe’s Denise Fedewa in explaining the collaboration.

One LeoShe study, “Bone Deep,” addressing beauty from a woman’s perspective, was particular helpful (and not just because it touts WWW star Helen Hunt as Hollywood’s most authentic woman). “We actually developed a model of what women want to see,” says planning director Cherri Allen.

Fedewa and Allen aren’t sure which, if any, of their insights made it into the film, but they say what women want is a man who’s both “sensitive and masculine.” In other words, Mel Gibson.