Legend ‘Upgrades’ at Richards

Dallas Agency Was Not the New Airline’s Choice in December
DALLAS–Legend Airlines unveiled its first broadcast, cable and print campaign last week as it announced its initial destinations from Dallas’ Love Field Airport.
The airline’s simple, one-word identifier, “Upgrade,” was created by The Richards Group to communicate the carrier’s objective of offering business-class service at coach prices.
The tagline for the campaign is: “The feel of first class everywhere but your wallet.”
The Dallas-based agency developed the all-encompassing branding and advertising strategy for the airline with only two weeks remaining before Legend’s official launch. The shop scooped up the business from Gleason/Calise/Associates, also in Dallas, which won the client’s national agency review in December.
Legend’s senior vice president of marketing and customer service, Lisa Bauer, explained that Richards, which competed in the creative review, was contacted later as the airline was scouting agencies to handle its frequent flyer program and branding. Richards responded with a comprehensive presentation that wowed the client.
“We realized we could go to one company that could help us with branding, loyalty programs and general advertising in an integrated approach,” Bauer said. “And quite honestly we were absolutely thrilled with the creative that came out of them.”
The tagline developed by Gleason/Calise–“What a departure”–was good, said Bauer, but client executives were attracted by the punchiness of “Upgrade.”
“It’s succinct, it’s different and we can have a lot of fun with it,” Bauer said.
“It goes to show the power of keeping the relationship from the pitch,” said agency spokesperson Stacy Cross. She added that the shop has worked overtime as well as overnight on everything from billboards to bumper stickers.
Legend Airlines, also based in Dallas, was scheduled to begin flying Feb. 29 to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. The company operates a fleet of Douglas DC-9 planes, each of which has been modified to hold only 56 seats. Amenities include oversize seats with four feet of legroom, a four-bag carry-on policy with no size limitations (“Basically anything that will fit through the door,” said Cross), gourmet meals and valet service at a club-style terminal at Love Field.