Legacy Plays Head Games

DALLAS GSD&M has created TV spots for the American Legacy Foundation that will run in four pilot markets through June 2007, the agency said.

The ads promote a “quit smoking” package from the foundation that guides smokers through the process of breaking their addition to cigarettes and tobacco.

Three spots depict the mental states of people who are attempting to quit. Stimmung of Santa Monica, Calif., provides a somber soundtrack on two of the commercials.

In “Fantasy,” a man preparing to use a copy machine in an office looks down through a window at his co-workers enjoying a smoking break. The man erupts into a rage, smashing the copier and ripping equipment out of the walls. But the rampage was all in his mind. The next scene depicts him still standing calmly by the copy machine as an office executive walks into the room and tells him, “Hey, we’ll need that stuff by noon.”

In “Stalker,” a cigarette takes the form of a sexy woman trying to seduce a man. On the drive to work, she tells him, “You can have me right here in the car.” He looks at a crumpled package of cigarettes on the car seat.

“Leap” shows a woman spot a smoker as she looks out her apartment window on a rainy night. After the smoker tosses the half-smoked cigarette on the sidewalk, the bathrobe-clad woman jumps through the window, smashing glass to get to the butt. She smokes the still-lit cigarette in the pouring rain.

The ads will run in Buffalo, N.Y.; San Antonio; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Baltimore, the agency said.

Group creative directors Luke Sullivan and David Crawford led creative teams on the effort at GSD&M. Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks directed.

Austin, Texas-based GSD&M is an Omnicom Group agency that handles advertising for the foundation, along with Havas’ Arnold in Boston and MDC Partners’ Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami.