Leader Of The Pack

When you’re on the winning Super Bowl team, advertisers come calling. For example, Green Bay Packers defensive lineman legend Reggie White is appearing on the labels of Campbell Soup cans.
White also is seen with his close friend and teammate, quarterback Brett Favre, in a new 30-second TV spot introducing S.C. Johnson & Son’s Edge Pro Gel shaving product.
The spot was filmed during the summer by Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago, at Soldier Field, home to the Packers’ longtime rival, the Chicago Bears.
Appropriately, the commercial aired last week during ABC Monday Night Football’s Packers-Bears game.
In the spot, when Favre is tackled by Bears his helmet comes off-revealing that he hasn’t shaved.
White gives him some advice-and some Edge Pro Gel-and the two have a good laugh about sensitive skin.
The Packers also had a good laugh after defeating the Bears 38-24 in last week’s game. -Scott Hume