LaunchPad Works Web for Pinnacle

BOSTON LaunchPad Media has unveiled Web sites for Duncan Hines bake goods, Hungry-Man frozen dinners and Mrs. Paul’s and Van de Kamp’s frozen seafood, all brands owned by Pinnacle Foods Group in New Jersey.

The shop in Watertown, Mass., picked up the online work as an extension of its traditional TV efforts for the client, which included Hungry-Man commercials starring NFL players.

“A Web site is very different from a TV spot, but the demands and expectations are much the same,” said Alex Poulos, president of LaunchPad. “A site needs to capture attention, connect with visitors’ self-interest, and entertain as much as inform.”

He added, “NFL star Clinton Portis once praised another player by saying he was a hungry man—hungry for victory. In that spirit, we’ve created games for the Hungry-Man site—’Sports Grill Arcade’ where people play Blackjack or Astroblaster.”

“The Mystical Mistress of Dating,” who dispenses the kind of personal advice you’d get from a Ouija board or an eccentric aunt, is also included, along with information on Hungry-Man’s sponsorship of Hall of Fame car racing and motor-sports news.

The Hungry-Man site naturally targets young men, while the Duncan-Hines site is designed to appeal to family cooks with recipes, mixes and a Bakers Club.

The Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s sites are geared toward children.