Latino E-Finances for del Rivero

Claims Creative, Media Mantle for Spanish-Language Web Site
ATLANTA–Del Rivero Messianu has been named agency of record for, a Hispanic financial Web site that provides news and information about the Latin American stock market.
Client and agency estimated annual billings to be $2 million for the remainder of this year. Del Rivero Messianu will handle all creative duties, media buys, marketing programs and public relations support. is an online publication issued and managed by Intelligent Life of West Palm Beach, Fla. The site is the Spanish-language, Latin American equivalent of the English-language, whose advertising account was landed by Miami-based Crispin Porter & Bogusky in June.
Del Rivero Messianu is Crispin’s neighbor in Coral Gables, Fla., and the Hispanic agency subcontracted for CP&B’s anti-tobacco advertising in the state of Florida.
Del Rivero Messianu’s previous relationship with Crispin Porter & Bogusky “played into our decision,” said Cotter Cunningham, senior vice president at Intelligent Life. “But primarily, we made our decision for four reasons: they have cool creative, they already have some great clients, they explained what they think in a very clear fashion–their presentation was exceptional–and they had the most unique approach to marketing to the Hispanic community.
“On top of all that,” Cunningham added, “the fact that we already have agency of record status with [Crisp-in] just made it icing on the cake.”
“We talked with [del Rivero Messianu] about the account and wanted to help them out . . . we gave a reference [to Intelligent Life],” said Jeff Hicks. “We’re glad to be working with them again.”
Cunningham said heard pitches from seven Miami agencies with long histories of targeting the Hispanic market. He declined to name those shops.
Luis Miguel Messianu, chief creative officer at the agency, said the online client will branch into the e-commerce marketplace in the near future, but Cunningham disputed that prediction.
“Our main goal right now is to provide content,” Cunningham told Adweek. “If we can branch out into other e-commerce venues, that’s great, but we don’t have any plans to get involved in that right now. Our primary purpose is to provide an online financial Web site in the Spanish language.”