LAPD Spots Promote Pride

Duncan & Associates Focus on the Human Dimension
LOS ANGELES– The Los Angeles Police Department’s recruitment efforts face challenges both unique and universal. Like any employer, the LAPD has to recruit in a tight job market where sellers have all the leverage.
The LAPD also faces public relations pressures from the ongoing ramparts-division scandal that has sparked criminal investigations of officers and resulted in many overturned convictions.
A pro bono ad campaign from Duncan & Associates hopes to show potential candidates the human side of police work.
The new effort includes TV and radio spots based on interviews with about 50 LAPD officers who explain why they chose a career in law enforcement. The results surprised the shop, said Hugh Duncan, chief executive officer at the agency.
“Like most neophytes, we envisioned [the officers talking about] an adrenaline rush, and we assumed breaking down doors would be part of the mix. Instead, we found a unanimous desire to do good,” says Duncan.
Each of the four TV spots features a police officer talking about his or her work, intercut with scenes of the officer on the beat.
For example, in one spot, a policewoman talks about how proud she is to wear the uniform; how it makes her father proud; and how she is able to touch people’s lives every day. In another, a young cop talks about how he helped a woman who had been sexually assaulted on his first day on the job. A third ad features a policewoman asking, “Why can’t people see your heart?”
The initial flight in the campaign will run through the end of August. The LAPD is currently reviewing its funding to determine subsequent flights of the radio and TV spots. Initiative Media North America is helping the LAPD plan and buy media for the effort.
The campaign was created by executive vice president/creative director Sandy Jones and evp/creative director Neil Markey. The TV spots were directed by Brent Thomas. K