Lang/Durham Goes to School

BOSTON Lang/Durham said it has added assignments from a pair of clients involved in school fundraising and educational travel.

Boston-based EF Tours tapped Lang/Durham to promote its international student tours to parents of high-school children. The agency is providing EF Tours with media services and creative development for a national print and Web effort that beaks this month. The work touts the advantages of having international travel experience when applying to competitive colleges.

“With college admissions growing more competitive every day, recruiters are looking for experiences that make an applicant stand out,” said Eric Cavoli, associate creative director at Lang/Durham in Farmington, Conn. “An EF tour can actually help students get into their first-choice school.”

For Olympia Sales, based in Enfield, Conn., Lang/Durham has created a national print campaign to introduce a new fundraising system called Marigolds to parent/teacher organizations. The agency positioned the system, which involves the sale of gift certificates to leading consumer catalogs, as a simpler alternative to traditional methods such as candy or gift wrap sales.

“School fundraising is a sea of sameness. While there are lots of different products to sell, the sales systems all have the same process and therefore lead to the same frustrations. Marigolds is truly different in that it changes the system, not just the product,” said Cavoli.

—Adweek staff report