L.A. Valets Lend ‘Wive$’ a Hand

DALLAS AdverTickets is promoting the BBC America drama Footballers’ Wive$ through full-color tickets handed out by parking valets in the Los Angeles area, the agency said.

Dallas-based AdverTickets, a media company specializing in out-of-home advertising and promotional programs, is executing the turnkey program for McDonald Media, BBC America’s media buying agency.

More than 500,000 tickets will be distributed through March 13, the agency said.

Entering its third season in the U.S., Footballers’ Wive$ follows the lives of the spouses of some of the U.K.’s top professional soccer stars. The show appears on the BBC America cable channel.

AdverTickets’ programs place messages directly into the hands of consumers in a variety of venues, the company said.