Krinsky Launches Consultancy

NEW YORK Alan Krinsky has left New York search consultancy ADvice & ADvisors to open his own firm, Alan Krinsky Associates. Krinsky had worked at ADvice & ADvisors for about 10 years, concentrating on new-business development.

That consultancy, which opened in 1989, focuses on marketers, overseeing agency searches and compensation negotiations. Most recently, it managed Brown & Williamson’s media review, which ended last week with the hiring of Media Kitchen in New York, a unit of the Kirshenbaum Bond Creative Network. Account billings are estimated at $50 million.

Alan Krinsky Associates also will handle searches and compensation projects. In addition, it will help agencies prepare for new-business pitches, including research assistance and honing presentation skills, Krinsky said. Those types of services will be offered through affiliations with two other consultants, whom he hopes to name in a few weeks.