Konica Freshens ‘Who’s on First?’ Routine

BOSTON Cronin & Co.’s latest work touting Konica Minolta’s “bizhub” multi-functional office machines extends and amplifies last year’s introductory campaign.

The latest work launches on May 14 with two 30-second TV commercials that will initially run mainly during CBS golf tournament coverage.

One spot, “Three-Way Conversation,” shows white-collar types growing progressively confused as they plan a big meeting via speakerphone. All the while, important documents they need rest atop the bizhub. A second spot, “Showing Off,” features office workers who quickly rattle off the machine’s capabilities.

“The new spots maintain the comedic tone that was set in the original campaign while driving home how functional and affordable the machine is,” said William Brewster, vp of marketing at Konica Minolta in Ramsey, N.J.

“Our primary goal was to turn ‘bizhub’ into a buzzword,” said Steve Wolfberg, chief creative officer at Cronin, an independent agency in Glastonbury, Conn.

The client spends about $10 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

—Adweek staff report