Kirk Sings: The Final Frontier last week crowed that its new ad campaign with William Shatner helped drive record sales for its name-your-price offerings on airline tickets and hotel rooms.
Dressed in jeans, a turtleneck and black leather jacket, the ex-Star Trek honcho croons new words to vintage rock songs in the first flight of so-called image ads by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston.
The spots, shot in a dark club, show Captain James T. Kirk belting out staccato Priceline messages to the tune of “I Want You to Want Me,” “Free Bird,” “Convoy” and “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.”
So captivated by Shatner’s performance was Priceline’s public relations crew that they considered putting him on a national lounge tour. Back in 1968, in fact, Shatner and Trek sidekick Leonard Nimoy recorded an album (still available at CDNow) titled Spaced Out.
According to company insiders, the idea of a tour was quickly dismissed since, as Shatner demonstrates in the ads, he can’t carry a tune “beyond three notes.” And that’s a wrap.
–Judy Warner