Kia Keeps Its Sense of Humor via Davidandgoliath

Kia Motors America takes its usual tongue-in-cheek approach to announcing a new 10-year/100,000-mile “long-haul warranty” in a multimedia campaign from Davidandgoliath here.
Declaring “There’s enough surprises out there,” the effort is anchored by two TV spots that show Kia owners in humorous jeopardy from an inflatable raft and a dog with a grudge.
One commercial features a dog romping in the park. At his owner’s call, he runs up to her Kia Sephia with the top of a wedding cake in his mouth, followed by an angry mob led by a bride and groom. The woman yells at the dog to get in the car and he leaps in–locking her out.
The other ad features a young couple driving off-road in their Kia Sportage sport utility vehicle who inadvertently pull the cord on an inflatable raft inside the car.
“Most car commercials are just running footage,” said David Angelo, agency principal and chief creative officer. “This is a fresh way to cut through and get our message out while staying true to the brand.”
“We need to graduate to include consumers who are skeptical of buying a Korean car,” added Dick Macedo, Kia executive vice president of marketing and sales. “This is further proof that we make dependable cars.”
The spots are supported by print and outdoor and “Battle of the Automobile Warranties” radio ads that feature Kia’s warranty beating up those of the competition with various weapons.
The campaign will run nationally through August.