Kerry, Dean Blast Bush in New Ads

NEW YORK Presidential hopefuls John Kerry and Howard Dean are breaking new TV spots in Iowa and New Hampshire, respectively, both directly aimed at President Bush, in separate responses to a Republican National Committee ad that broke last week.

The RNC launched its first spot Sunday depicting the president as a strong leader defending the nation against terrorism [Adweek Online, Nov. 21]

In Kerry’s “No Mr. President,” a new 30-second spot from Riverfront Media, a political unit of GMMB & SDD Agencies, an announcer says, “George Bush’s ad says he’s being attacked for attacking the terrorists. No Mr. President, America’s united against terror.” The ad cuts to footage of the “Mission Accomplished” banner on the aircraft carrier that the President landed on last May. That was the focal point of an earlier Kerry spot, “Carrier,” which criticized the President’s bravado about the war in Iraq.

“The problem is,” the announcer goes on to say in the spot, “you declared, ‘mission accomplished’ when you had no plan to win the peace and handed out billions in contracts to contributors like Halliburton,” which is said over a shot of Halliburton headquarters. The spot then cuts to John Kerry who says, “I’m John Kerry and I approved this message because we can’t go it alone in Iraq. We have to share the burden. We shouldn’t be cutting education and closing firehouses in America while we’re opening them in Iraq.”

The spot breaks statewide in Iowa today and is the fourth commercial in this cycle from Riverfront.

Dean also put out a new commercial in Iowa that features an excerpt from the Republican advertisement showing the President talking about weapons of mass destruction. An announcer in the spot, which is titled “Misled,” says of the President that, “He misled the nation about weapons of mass destruction and we went to war when we shouldn’t have. Howard Dean is committed to fighting terrorism and protecting our national security.”

In the ad, from Alexandria, Va.-based, Trippi McMahon & Squire, the announcer goes on to say, “But Howard Dean opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. He believes it’s time we had a foreign policy consistent with American values. And it’s time to restore the dignity and respect our country deserves around the world.”