Kellogg Touts Pop-Tarts’ 40th

Kellogg Co. is kicking off the commemoration of Pop-Tarts’ 40th anniversary next year with a promotion in which children will be encouraged to create their own version of the pastry.

TV spots breaking Jan. 13 from Leo Burnett in Chicago use animation to direct kids to The site allows them to make their own version of the snack by selecting various ingredients, said Scott Hamric, associate director of Pop-Tarts marketing at the Battle Creek, Mich., company.

“This gives kids a chance to interact with the brand,” Hamric said. The Web site will allow kids to choose the four basic elements of Pop-Tarts: dough, filling, frosting and sprinkles. In addition to the product’s traditional sweet flavorings, there will be options like pizza-flavored dough and cheese filling, Hamric said.

Advertising, set to air on children’s cable programming such as the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, will include an incentive to buy a package of Pop-Tarts for a design code to use on the Web site.

A contest will in-clude weekly drawings in which kids will win a case of their favorite Pop-Tarts. Three children in February will be awarded $10,000 each based on their creations, Hamric said. Following the contest, Kellogg will place a card of the three winning designs in a box of Pop-Tarts; the person who finds the card will win $25,000.

Spending on the promotion was not disclosed. Kellogg spent nearly $20 million advertising Pop-Tarts products through the first nine months of 2002, per CMR.