Keiler Breaks Print Campaign for Electric Boat

The latest ads from Keiler & Co. for Electric Boat tap into the minds of the people responsible for making the client a leading manufacturer of nuclear submarines.

Dubbed “People of Electric Boat,” the campaign includes five print ads featuring workers at the Groton, Conn., unit of General Dynamics.

“There are so many amazing things they do at Electric Boat,” said account manager Greg Rose, referring to all the operations needed to keep the boats running safely and effectively. The agency, he said, wanted to translate the pride the workers displayed in their work into the campaign.

One ad profiles an environmental engineer at Electric Boat, describing him as the leader of a team that will remove potentially hazardous materials from the boats. Larger print reads, “Somebody’s thinking ahead.”

Another, titled “Man on a tightrope,” describes a naval architect developing methods to keep the submarines’ weight balanced.

Ads end with the tag, “There is no substitute,” using a drawing of a submarine in place of the first three letters in “substitute.” Keiler created the tag for a round of ads in 1997, which featured pitches such as a “There is no substitute for stealth” and “There is no substitute for teamwork.” Keiler won the business in 1996.

Targeting the U.S. Navy and Congress, the “People” ads are running through the end of the year in Defense News, Armed Forces Journal, Sea Power, U.S. Naval Institute Proceed-ings, and Submarine Review.

Ads were fashioned by the team of creative director Virginia Kramer, art director Paul Selwyn and copywriter Dave Dilts.

The Electric Boat work is Keiler’s latest effort in the aerospace and defense market. The agency is currently working on campaigns for Lockheed Martin and Goodrich.