Kaline Leaves CEA to Oversee Broadcast for Ford Media Group

Former Campbell-Ewald Advertising executive Mark Kaline has traded his agency-side position for a high-profile post at Ford Motor Co.’s new Ford Central Media Group.
Kaline began last week as the group’s broadcast media manager. Ford Central Media Group was formed in April, at the same time as its agency-side counterpart, Ford Motor Media. The latter was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of J. Walter Thompson to oversee buying of national media for all Ford components, including Ford division, Lincoln-Mercury division, Ford Customer Service division, Ford corporate advertising, Jaguar North America and Mazda Motors of America.
“Part of the reason I felt this was a terrific opportunity was the chance to experience the ad business from the corporate side,” Kaline said. “I’ve been a rep, and I’ve been a buyer, and I’ve been a planner, and now I’m a client.”
At Campbell-Ewald in Warren, Mich., Kaline was media director for General Motors’ Chevrolet division car advertising, which included Geo-brand vehicles. Kaline spent a total of 13 years at Campbell-Ewald, with three years sandwiched in the middle spent at Ogilvy & Mather’s Chicago office, where he was the network radio manager for all U.S. Ogilvy offices.
It was during his tenure at Campbell-Ewald that GM Mediaworks, an organization similar to Ford Motor Media, was formed. Kaline says that experience will help him understand the issues that Ford’s new entity faces.
He said he is looking to bring a “well-rounded perspective, perhaps a fresh angle from time to time on different issues and opportunities.” –Tanya Gazdik