Just Asking

‘If Apple’s ‘1984’ is the best Super Bowl commercial ever, which spot is No. 2?’

I was always partial to the Budweiser 9/11 tribute spot. I thought it was a class act that was much needed at the time. —Alan Kalter, CEO, Doner, Southfield, Mich.

The first spot that popped into my mind: E*Trade’s “Wasted 2 Million Bucks.” It works on so many levels. They did the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do to stand out on the Super Bowl: It was low tech, used a chimp as an ironic main character, the casting was brilliant and the message was spot-on. —Roger Baldacci, evp, cd, Arnold, Boston

Coke’s “Mean Joe Green.” Why? Because here we are a thousand years later and I still remember it. —Michael Dambra, vp, marketing, Structural Graphics, Essex, Conn.

Mullen’s “When I Grow Up” for Monster.com had a timeless emotional relevance most spots cannot match. It was perfectly executed (the copy, the casting, the dreamlike settings, the music) and highly memorable. I think Monster.com got more ROI out of that [spot] than could ever be measured. It cast them as the leader, the place to go when you wanted to make your next career move. —Bob Hoffman, president, CCO, Gearon Hoffman, Boston

It’s a tie: One was funny, one heartfelt. I love the E*Trade monkey [spot], where a title card asks, “Well, we just wasted 2 million bucks. What are you doing with your money?” and the Anheuser-Busch spot directed by Joe Pytka, where the soldiers are coming home from combat and they’re spontaneously applauded by travelers in the airport. It is simple, honest and perfect for America’s ultimate unofficial holiday. —Rob Schwartz, ecd, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Playa del Rey, Calif.

It’s probably not good form to choose your own agency’s work, but I would say . . . Anheuser-Busch’s spot honoring the victims of 9/11. The spot showed the Clydesdale hitch team making the long journey from rural America to Manhattan. The horses pause in full view of the new Manhattan skyline, freshly devoid of the towers, and all kneel gracefully in unison. It was the right spot at the right time. —Kevin Moehlenkamp, CCO, Hill Holliday Connors Cosmopulos, Boston