Just Asking

We put this question to industry execs: “CBS decided to bring Jericho back for another season. Which TV show would you revive—and why?”

The Brady Bunch because younger generations could use a dose of morality and ethics, plus it would be fun to see people’s reactions to that show in the new century. —Sean Cunningham, vp, acd, Mullen, Wenham, Mass.

The Zoloft Courtship of Eddie’s Father (We Don’t Miss Mommy That Much Anymore) —Hank Stewart, senior copywriter, Green Team, New York

How about some old British sitcoms called Open All Hours or Are You Being Served? They could also be the titles for new reality programs about ad agencies. —Andy Narraway, partner, CFO, BuderEngel and Friends, San Francisco

Dibs on cartoon product placement. He-Man and Masters of the Universe could squeak out another season if they re-cut the intro with a home gym workout scene. “I have the Bowflex power!” —Cal McAllister, ecd, Wexley School for Girls, Seattle

Cheers. So I could dismiss everyone I know telling me I drink too much by citing my actions as “viewer interactivity.” I suppose you could stick a logo somewhere, too. —Bryan Murphy, art director, ML Rogers, New York

Studio 60. I thought it was a good show—funny and well written. It just wasn’t on long enough before it was cancelled. —Meghan McDonnell, vp, Pile and Co., Boston

Mystery Science Theater 3000 [had] a goofball and two robots critiquing and spoofing old B movies. The format was inside a cinema, shot from the back. It was basically one terrible film with comments and jokes made by the threesome. —Mary Ann O’Brien-Elkjer, CEO, OBI Creative, Omaha, Neb.