Just Asking

We asked industry execs to weigh in on client-agency loyalty.

You’re only as good as your last at bat. It’s business, it’s about being successful all the time. If you are that, you will have an impenetrable relationship. —Jason DeLand, partner, Anomaly, New York

Are clients loyal? Yes. It’s just that clients are not so trusting of where ad agencies put their media spend. [Loyalty is] becoming thinner and thinner because agencies aren’t keeping up with what’s happening in the world. —Justin Townsend, CEO, co-founder, IGA Worldwide, New York

I don’t know if I would say either. It’s been strong for us in my tenure here. With the emphasis on digital moving forward, clients are looking for us to be collaborative partners. They’re looking at all agencies to be collaborative partners. —Jeff Cole, associate media director, MindShare, Chicago

The best environment to produce great work in is to put your agency in a position where [it has] a comfort level [in which it] can go out and take real chances on the business and not live in fear the business will be moving. —Jeff Jackett, marketing manager, Gatorade, PepsiCo, Toronto

In the same way I believe that consumers have become brand sluts—chasing whatever is new or priced best—I think clients are feeling that same promiscuous urge. They crave new and they don’t even know why. —Marian Salzman, global CMO, JWT, New York

I certainly can’t say it’s dead: With our best client relationships, you can’t overrate something as key to the equation as client loyalty. In the case of the client relationships we value the most, it’s about mutual growth, mutual respect and mutual collaboration. And these demand a strong degree of loyalty. Without loyal clients, what agency thrives? —Jon Reinish, communications director, Amalgamated, New York.