Just Asking

The expectation that with increased automation in our industry, we can all do more for less. We seem transfixed on commoditizing the inputs without putting the proper emphasis on the outputs. The model is backwards. —Nick Pahade, president, Denuo Group, New York

Executive creative directors starting design departments. Didn’t we learn anything from the ’90s? —Copytesting. Too many companies are using flawed methodologies to gauge whether an ad will work. Marketers would be better served to spend more time and resources to understand their audience before concepting, not after. Credit-card companies carpet-bombing direct-mail programs and e-mail blasts … with no regard for customer interest. We clearly are in an era where the consumer expects customized communications, both from the marketer and from each other. “My” portals, social networking sites like MySpace and shared content sites like Wikipedia are about customized connections and customized content. One word: impatience. Everything has to work right away. Some things [do], but not everything. You can’t, for instance, build an emotional relationship in a day, though some have tried. —E-mail. People aren’t stopping by each others’ offices to work things out. A few years ago, my answer would have been “voice mail,” but now, if someone takes the time to leave you a voice mail, it’s like sending a Hallmark card.

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