Just Asking

Pee Wee Herman underwear. I won’t tell you where I saw it, but I have seen it. It was both shockingly bad and shockingly good. —Jonathan Hoffman, president and chief creative officer, Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis

Personally, I think one of the worst licensing deals was the Harley-Davidson fragrance. Who wants to smell like exhaust? Or worse yet, a biker? The best would certainly not be Desperate Housewives perfume, unless you want to smell like you’re cheating on your spouse. —Ford’s “King Ranch” version of the F-150 pickup is great because the King Ranch is a real Texas institution. They didn’t put some lame, pseudo-cowboy, Ralph Lauren interior in the truck and try to pass it off as Texan. Having a King Ranch truck proves, as we say in Texas, that you’re not “all hat and no cattle.” —Years ago, back in the late ’80s, Western Airlines used Jim Croce’s “I Got a Name” in a campaign. He, of course, died in a plane crash eight years before. I always wondered if they’d come up with a Lynyrd Skynyrd or Buddy Holly tune, too. —In Tokyo, there’s a really successful new retail outlet called Arnold Palmer. They’ve licensed the whole life of Arnold Palmer, the golfer, and they’ve turned it into a brand for young Japanese hipsters. They sell Frank Sinatra-esque golf hats and golf sweaters that show off your cheeky bits. Who knew Arnold Palmer would be the man?