Just Asking

I’d have to say Braveheart. I rally the troops, charge down the hill, cut off a few arms and then I take them out for drinks. Simple as that. —David Angelo, CCO, davidandgoliath, Los Angeles

I’d have to go with Sybil. At least, that’s what my inner copywriter tells me. My other five alter egos would choose Yentl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Kill Bill, Shaving Ryan’s Privates and Faces of Death 1 and 2. Truthfully, I’ve felt like Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Brokeback Mountain for most of my career. Ouch! ——The Royal Tenenbaums. That movie was kind of the inspiration for Subservient Chicken. Every shot looks like art. Conceptually, it’s very subtle, smart humor and somewhat dark, which I like. And the winner is … March of the Penguins, where the people behind the scenes are the true heroes, not unlike the ad biz. I wasn’t a huge Johnny Cash fan before walking into the theatre to see Walk The Line. But I was walking out. He never gave up. He took risks. Big-time love and big-time success always involve big-time risk. In the end, he ended up with both. And he had fun. Sure, there were some rough, rough times. But in the end, he had fun. —