Just Asking

My best attribute is the fact that I’m always learning. So my tagline would be, “50 percent more absorbent than other Arnies.” For the spot, I think Nancy Walker doing a side-by-side comparison ad would be nice … something in a folksy kitchen, with a neighbor who stops by unexpectedly and says, “Is that Arnie you’re using?” Then Nancy says, “Not just any Arnie—Arnie DiGeorge!” Then it goes on from there.

If I were devising a tagline for myself, it would be ‘Creating fun.’ As a creative director, I do my best to manage as many of the business issues for my team as possible and remind them that it’s their job to have fun with the work. In the end, what we do is difficult because of the long hours and the pressure to perform. But if we’re having fun along the way, it makes the job rewarding and gives the work energy—the kind of energy that makes great advertising stand out from the rest.I think if I were going to borrow a tagline that exists today, I’d take “Just do it,” because I’m impulsive and not one who ponders too much. I think people tend to overthink things in this business. But out of the blue, I would say, “Greg who?” because I tend to operate under the radar. Via’s not built around a cult of personality; it’s built around a collective of great people trying to do great stuff. “Pop culture anthropologist. You dig?” Because basically, as a cd I’m a mirror to what’s happening in the world and in our culture.