Just Asking

I don’t, unless it is brought to my attention. Even then, I’ve been disappointed so often that I’m reluctant to keep trying it. There’s not enough time in the day to do that sort of thing. Only if they are advertising-related. I don’t seek out short films on their own. That’s purely a function of time. I view overall video content about two to three times a week, five minutes at a time. One of my favorite sites for ads is bestadsontv.com. —I watch advertising-related stuff. It’s hard to compare myself to an everyday consumer. My favorite things I’ve watched are all those little film greeting cards at Brawnyman.com. I had a woman friend who had been having health problems. I sent her one of those to cheer her up, and it was very much appreciated. I dig the Brawny Man. I do watch lots of short films, but most of them are very dirty. But I never give a credit card.Yes, I watch one every couple of weeks. My observation of [Web films] as a medium is that its one inherent drawback is you have to look at it multiple times. Because they are so compressed, there seems to be something that I always feel like I’m missing. It’s hard to absorb. —Absolutely. I watch short films of surfers, skateboarders and music clips. Now you can see films made by just about anybody if you want. I even love when there is a clip of something on a news or sports site.