Just Asking

It was to eat the cat food. We were working on a brand and we went to the factory and the guy said the food’s so good you could eat it. I never ate it. The account guy did, with relish, I might add. It’s always good to see unique questions in an RFP. But one client, who had never utilized a celebrity in their advertising, had an odd request. They specifically asked that our work NOT include comedian Carrot Top. We were happy to oblige.

It was to snort salt, shoot a shot of tequila and squeeze a lime in our eye. The client was Etnies [a footwear company]. We won the pitch; that’s what they do to all their new employees and agencies.

It was for the U.S. Army. They said that we only had 90 minutes [for the pitch], and they showed up with a timer and put it on the table. And when the timer went off, they all stood up and left, and we weren’t done yet.

Other than give it away for free? One time we were pitching and I had to climb upon the conference room table several times, then go back to my presentation. And I was wearing a skirt! They had a projector that was ceiling-mounted … the A/V guys could not shut it off with the remote control. There were about 15 men and me. Nobody else was going to climb up there.