Jobe’s Is Back On TV

The Richards Group here this week returns Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes to TV with a humorous branding effort.
A 30-second spot is set to appear on cable TV stations including ESPN, HGTV, CNN and Lifetime throughout the spring.
The commercial features a tree root that slithers across a lawn, through a window and onto a kitchen table to add Jobe’s to a shopping list.
The Richards creative team called on director E.J. Foerster, whose resume includes work on Forrest Gump and True Lies, and Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond to help create the ad. The animation was handled by Greg Steele of Charade Special Effects in Los Angeles.
The spot represents the agency’s first work for the brand, which was acquired by Waco, Texas-based Easy Gardener in 1996. Richards won the account last May after an informal review of undisclosed shops. There was no incumbent and marketing efforts had been inactive prior to Richards’ selection.
Spending was undisclosed but is expected to be less than $2 million.
“The Jobe’s brand built considerable awareness in the seventies and early eighties. We want to regain that,” said Easy Gardener national marketing manager Clemente Conde. “We knew the first thing we had to do was get the brand back on television.”
Easy Gardener, established in 1983, develops products designed to save time for gardeners. The brand is sold via the 100 largest lawn and gardening retailers, including The Home Depot, another client of The Richards Group.